Dear friends and colleagues::

It is 30 years since the birth of the mainland China‘s first test tube baby at Peking University Third Hospital on 10 March 1988. In 2018, we will be also celebrating the 40th anniversary of the birth of the world first IVF baby. Along with Chinese fertility scientists’ consistent and dedicated effort for over 3 decades, China’s fertility studies and assisted reproductive technologies (ART) entered a new era marked by numerous world-leading achievements.

We are delighted to invite you to join the Conference on Advancing Reproductive Health: 30th anniversary of Successful Application in Assisted Reproductive Technology in Mainland China, which will be held on 30 March to 1 April 2018, in Beijing. By sustaining and advocating our research heritage on rigorous practical focus, innovative and pioneering spirit, we aim for accelerating the development of reproductive medicine, improving clinical skills of ART, and furthermore benefitting infertile families with improved pregnancy rate.

We are honored to invite over 100 renowned scientists including Chairman of ESHRE, Dr. Roy Farquharson; President of IFFS, Dr. Richard Kennedy; former President of IFFS, Dr. Joe Simpson; President of ASPIRE, Prof Chii-Ruey Tzeng; former President of ASPIRE, Prof. Robert Norman; former Director of Bourn Hall Clinic, Dr. Peter Brinsden; Programme leader of first IVF baby in Asia, Prof. Prof. Soon-Chye Ng, and many other world-class specialists, to share, discuss and dissect the remarkable development and scientific advancement of reproductive endocrinology and COS, ART laboratory quality control, reproductive biology, fertility and heredity, fertility preservation and remodeling, nursing quality management, embryology, andrology, clinical trials, diagnosis and treatment for abortion, PCOS, psychotherapy and counselling and other related fields.  Topics covered from basic research to clinical studies, from big data of reproductive medicine to interdisciplinary collaborations through plenary lectures, symposia and workshops.

We will also host several workshops for youth scientists to deep dive clinical trials from different perspectives with senior editors  and editor-in-chief from Human Reproduction Update, Chinese Medical Journal and other academic journals.

Dear friends, we are looking forward to meeting you again to join this memorable scientific event at the foot of the Great Wall, to share, to learn. 

Chairman:  Prof. Jie Qiao,

     Prof. Ping Liu

Organising Institutions


Peking University Third Hospital, PUTH

Chinese Medical Doctor Association, CMDA


Chinese Maternal and Child Health Association, CMCHA

Beijing Medical Association, BMA